Bacon’s Discovering Virginia Roots

Virginia, beautiful Virginia!
Virginia! Beautiful Virginia!

We missed this stop in our big travel year so we jumped at the opportunity to go when Jane & Darwin emailed us wondering if we would like to join them. Yes!
From Richardson it’s a comfortable three day drive. 
We stayed in Williamsburg for our entire visit in a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo. Here is a little sidebar about that:
Darwin was in the military and because of that he is eligible for Armed Forces Vacation Club ( This program allows military folks (whether active or inactive) to rent timeshare properties at a dramatically reduced cost. Do your homework because the low cost will be worth the attempt to sell you one of their vacation plans/homes. Used to they didn’t bother trying to do a hard sell on military folks because the cost was so low to them, but this year that’s changed.
Bottom line: we ignored that and just enjoyed our stay